Policy Analyst/Senior Policy Analyst, Employment Standards & Labour Relations Unit (Workplace Policy & Strategy Division)-1 Yr
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Policy Analyst/Senior Policy Analyst, Employment Standards & Labour Relations Unit (Workplace Policy & Strategy Division)-1 Yr


You will be responsible for ensuring that our employment legislation, covering basic conditions of work under the Employment Act and employment dispute resolution under the Employment Claims Act, remains relevant and up to date. This will involve monitoring trends in work arrangements, to make sense of their impact and develop solutions as upstream as possible. 

In addition, you will be responsible for developing ops/policy tools for making progressive workplaces more prevalent. Traditionally, we have relied on legislative requirements and voluntary adoption of tripartite guidelines to set employment standards and raise workplace norms. Over the years, workplaces have become more complex with diverse worker needs which are not well-addressed by one-size-fits-all legislation, while workers are getting more vocal about pushing for employer commitments. The team will develop the policy solutions and ops concepts to address such challenges.

You will also be involved in our efforts to make the Singapore workplace more inclusive. This includes looking into the concerns of freelancers and developing workable solutions so that service-buyers do not choose to engage freelancers only because they are not covered by certain laws. It also includes improving the quality of employment for older workers, women and persons with disabilities.


Competencies / background

Preferred operational requirements or qualities:

  • Tertiary education in a related discipline (e.g. industrial relations, human resources, economics)
  • Keen interest in employment issues
  • Good analytical and organisational skills
  • Ability to write and articulate views clearly and effectively
  • Ability to build networks and engage stakeholders at different levels, to understand their perspectives and concerns

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