Planners Inc

Company Profile

Planners Inc is a financial advisory practice, representing the leading financial institution in South East Asia. We are a trusted adviser to successful professionals and business owners. We are also a founding partner of The Confidant Group, one of the leading agency alliances in Singapore. 
We tackle and solve 2 of the biggest challenges a professional faces in daily life today.
One, limited resources. It's the economics of personal wealth, limited resources, unlimited wants. 
We at Planners Inc help successful professionals and business owners achieve efficient and effective allocation of their financial resources. With our Financial Waterfall Money Management Methodology, we help you balance current consumption with delayed gratification and turn your worries about the future into certainty. We accelerate getting you to that stage in life, where you work because you choose to, not because you have to; and where you spend time and money doing the things you love, with the people you love.
Two, finding great satisfaction and deep meaning and fulfilment in the work that you do.
We at Planners Inc are obsessed about personal and professional growth. We help people figure out their purposes in life. We help our clients and associates achieve not just success, but fulfilment. And with our Financial Planning and Personal Development expertise, we enrich and enhance lives .
We are also on a mission and crusade to "evangelise" the meaningful and right way of financial planning as advisers. We believe that our's is not a sales career, but a service one; where enduring and meaningful relationships are forged best by rendering competent advice, recommending tailored solutions and delivering dedicated service.